• Basic Principles in Islamic Morality

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    The Islamic moral system stems from its primary creed of belief in One God as the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Islam considers the human race to be a part of God’s creation, and as His subjects. From an Islamic perspective, the purpose of human life is to worship God, by leading this worldly...

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    The Deobandi-Wahhabi Lust for Control Over Personal Life

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    Fatwa Fanatics – The Deobandi-Wahhabi Lust for Control Over Personal Life The fundamentalist Deobandi Muslim sect, widely represented in the Indian subcontinent and among South Asian Muslims abroad, resembles its ally, the Saudi Wahhabi clergy, in many ways. Both claim to “reform” the religion. Like the Wahhabis, the Deobandis preach a distorted utopia of...

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    Council says yes to €40m Islamic Cultural centre

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    Islamic culture centre

    Development work is expected to get under way early next year on an Islamic Cultural Centre including a large mosque at Clongriffin on the northern fringe of Dublin city following the granting of planning permission for the ¤40 million complex by Dublin City Council.   The six-acre campus is being promoted by a Dublin-based...

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    An Attack on Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi by Bin Baaz

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    The Sunni Muslim community should be fully aware and forewarned of the new fitna presently perpetrated by some Wahabi/Najdi based organisations locally and overseas on the Internet regarding the issue of an old Fatwa against Eid-e-Meelad-un Nabi (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) by “Sheikh” Abdul Aziz bin Baaz of Saudi Arabia. The Fatawa of such like must...

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